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The perfect coverage for condo owners in Lowell

Get the coverage you need for your condo from theft, fires, and personal liability protection. Your condo association may have an insurance policy that has limited protection and likely won’t insure your property.

Let RN Insurance find the coverage you need to get the protection that’s right for you. Call us at 978-427-2544 or email and we’ll get you covered.


The perfect condo insurance to protect you and your assets

Questions about Condo Insurance

  • What does Condo Insurance cover?

    IMPORTANT: Please review your HOA or master policy agreement with your condo association to know what you are responsible for in the event of an accident. If an accident occurs and your common area is destroyed, your association may impose a loss assessment that requires all the owners to pay a deductible on the master policy.

    Condo insurance provides coverage for your personal property. You have two options to select from for coverage ACV (Actual Cash Value) or replacement cost. It is advised to elect to choose the replacement cost option because it insures your personal property at full value without the account of depreciation.

    We have a range of loss assessments that can be offered, be sure to review your HOA or master policy to ensure you have proper loss assessment coverage

    Condo Insurance also covers any liability brought upon you or your family by a third party. There are 3 ways this coverage will kick in bodily and property damage liability and any legal fees incurred.

    Lastly, you can opt to add medical payments coverage to your policy, this will cover medical expenses incurred by a visitor at your residence regardless of who is at fault.